D.B. Multi Engineering Consultant takes pride in having served and be in the good books of the Government, Private and Public Limited Agencies in all over the country, etc. such as;

S.N.  Name of Client Status

Singhadurbar Secretariat Re-Construction Committee (SSRC)

 2. Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC)  
 3. Department of Road (DoR)  
 4.  Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS)  
 5.  Department of Irrigation (DoI)  
 6.  B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium  
 7.  Observatory and Science Museum Development Board  
 8.  Sukrabarey Paryetakeyae Airport NirmanSamiti  
 9.  Peoples Dental College & Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,  

Kathmandu Medical College Public Limited and Teaching Hospital


Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital


Central Level Project Implementation Unit (CLPIU)


Singhadurbar Re-Construction Implementation Unit (SRIU) 


Department of Education Development Board

15. Different Municipalities and Rural Municipalities  


The company is very much concerned mainly with the followings:

  • Professional Ethics
  • Timely Performance
  • High Standard
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Client Satisfaction