As Nepal is one of the poorest countries of the world, poverty reduction can be minimizing by providing infrastructure facility, empowerment to the people through various means and tools like employment opportunity to the people, improvement of business opportunity etc. The role of Consultants in all types of development related activities are indispensable because Consultants can provide specialized expertise and independent viewpoints for any new, specialized, conventional or non-conventional fields. Consultants with their special skill and expertise can mobilize the nation to development for socio-economic condition.

D.B. Multi Engineering Consultant Pvt. Ltdis a consulting firm (Engineer’s and Development Planner’s) established in 2011 under the company act 1992 of Government of Nepal, with sole aim of providing a complete range of services in the field of Engineering, Environment and Socio- Economic studies. The firm is registered in office of company registration, Kathmandu and Tax/VAT Office and received the Permanent Account Number (PAN).

After realizing the lack of professionals with multi-dimensional vision in the environment/energy/infrastructure/socio-economic development and disaster prevention sector, a group of like-minded young professionals with sound academic qualifications as well as professional experiences in the field of environment/energy/infrastructure/socio-economic development and disaster prevention sector and dedicated for the development endeavors initiated D. B. Multi Engineering Consultant. Consultancy Services by providing specialized expertise and independent viewpoints make significant contribution towards overall development of a country (social, economic and employment opportunity).

As we know that more than 50 percent of national population (mostly people under poverty line) are living in disaster vulnerable areas like river bank, landslide risk zone, earthquake risk areas, lighting risk areas as a result lots of human life as well as property is lost every year. In one hand, mountain areas are highly affected by landslides whereas in other hand plain areas are affected by flooding. Similarly, most of buildings are proven to risk of earthquake due to lack of awareness and less compile to building code in addition to engineering design. Hence, it is our duty as a technical platform to work for such risk vulnerable people and zone by providing them adequate support through appropriate technology and extension services so that they can get relief from such natural and human induced disaster. If they get the needed support, disaster induced risk will be minimized to a great extent.  So, D. B. multi Engineering Consultant   work is focus in the field of disaster and environment management in planning and management for the preparation of disaster management policy and guidelines and environmental management plan.

Likewise, we are all aware that Nepal is very rich as far as availability of water is concern but people are not getting drinking water as per the requirement and due to lack of awareness people are using contaminated water and getting sick. To short out all these problems a mass level awareness campaign is needed, hence D. B. Multi Engineering Consultant is very much interested to work in the water supply and sanitation sector.

  1. B. Multi Engineering Consultantwill offer consulting services in various fields like Road, Bridge, Building, River Training, Hydropower (mini/ macro), Socio-Economic Studies, and Environmental/Disaster Management Studies and Property Valuation. The office of the firm is located at Baneshwor in Kathmandu. It is run by a group of experienced and well-qualified professionals dedicated to provide quality service for betterment of national development.
  2. B. Multi Engineering Consultantwill offer consulting services in survey, design and construction supervision of various kinds of earthquake resist buildings. Our pool of expert is show their professional skill in the environmental as well as disaster management and mitigation sector as it is a challenging task and it is going to help the to development

Similarly, energy, transportation, irrigation facilities has direct link with empowerment of rural society through commercialization and modernization of agriculture sector, decentralization of energy systems development process, and generation of employment opportunities from enhanced economic activities. Thus D. B. multi Engineering Consultant sees rural development will lead to poverty alleviation and drudgery reduction of rural society. D.B. Multi Engineering Consultant   believes that the paradigm of sustainable development will only be realized when our nation will utilize its resources and make them self-dependent by improving infrastructure, socio-economic aspects, energy and environment sectors.