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D.B. Multi Engineering Consultant Pvt. Ltd is a consulting firm (Engineer’s and Development Planner’s) established in 2011 under the company act 1992 of Government of Nepal, with sole aim of providing a complete range of services in the field of Engineering, Environment and Socio- Economic studies.

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D. B. Multi Engineering Consultant emerged with a mission to deliver an expertise and professional services and inputs in the field of infrastructure, disaster, environment, energy and social development for the enhancement of overall condition of Nepalese people and their livelihoods

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D. B. Multi Engineering Consultant has a broad vision that if we will reach to a stature of self-dependency all our social, economic problems will be wiped out. Environment friendly local and natural resources will be utilized to have an access to majority of the people in Nepal and with overall development.

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Areas of Expertise

Energy Planning, Management and Auditing

Environment Management Technology for organization and local development

Preparation of District Profile

River Training and Disaster Prevention/Mitigation Technology

Disaster mitigation guidelines

Flood/Landslide/Land use, Hazard and Risk Mapping

Retrofit Analysis

Rural and Environment Friendly Road Technology

Infrastructure and Rural Development.

Socio-economic studies


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Our Experiences

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Roads ExperienceRoads Experience
Water Supply ExperienceWater Supply Experience
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